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GoPro Wide HERO is a camera at a reduced cost comparing to HD HERO camera.

Technical data

Shoot 56 minutes of high-resolution video and 5 megapixel photos automatically in "Photo every 2 seconds" mode. Use as a hand held camera, too. Shockproof and waterproof to 100 feet/30 meters.
The Wide HERO camera comes with one quick-release buckle for attaching to your existing GoPro mounts, but the Wide HERO does not come with any mounts aside from the single quick-release buckle.
It's designed to be a lower-cost second camera that you can use with your existing GoPro mounts, making it easier for you to film from multiple angles at once. Now you can wear one GoPro camera on your helmet looking forwards and mount your second camera on your handlebars or skis looking back at you. Edit between the two views and, voilà, Hollywood-style multi-camera edits possible in your own action sports movies.
Want front and rear views on your car or motorcycle? Pick-up a Wide HERO for a dual camera solution.
Additional expansion mounts available separately, including roll bar, handlebar/seatpost, chest harness, and surfboard mounts.

Compare HERO Wide un HERO HD Wide cameras' technical data

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